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Best of BLR’s EHS ‘Trends in 20’ webinar series

Author: Mikayla Flynn, Marketing Coordinator

Using their combined experience of 100+ years, BLR’s in-house team of environmental, health and safety experts answer your questions, develop training courses, resources and guidance documents, and make real-time updates as regulations change. They also share their EHS know-how on our ‘Trends in 20’ webinars series to deliver expert driven updates on the latest hot topics impacting your business, completely free! Below, we highlight our three most-attended webinars this year and a link to watch them on-demand. Get the knowledge you need, on your own time.

1. EHS outlook for 2023: new and upcoming regulations

In 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both increased their inspection activities. During our January webinar, our in-house subject matter experts shared essential information for inspection readiness, new OSHA regulations for healthcare and heat stress, regulatory revisions affecting air emissions and permitting, and much more! You can watch the free webinar here.

2. Emergency preparedness: key strategies for prevention and response

Preparing for the worst case scenario before an emergency incident takes place is paramount to ensuring your workforce has the necessary equipment to protect themselves, knows where to go in the event of an emergency, and knows how to keep themselves safe when an emergency occurs. In this webinar, learn strategies you can use to prepare for and respond to emergencies in the workplace so you can keep your people safe and your business running. Topics covered include:

  • When a written emergency action plan is necessary
  • What to include in your emergency preparedness and response training
  • How to develop plan to continue following a disruption caused by a natural disaster
  • How to implement steps to take to evacuate your building
  • When to identify that it is safe to shelter-in-place and when it’s not

Learn more by watching the on-demand webinar here.

3. Workplace injury and illness recordkeeping best practices

In April, we discussed recordkeeping best practices, tips for developing an effective program, trends in OSHA enforcement, common violations of the standard (29 CFR 1904) to avoid, and more! Watch the complimentary webinar here.

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