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Create a culture of inclusion and mutual respect.

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Belonging is a workplace essential

Employers need to be intentional about cultivating a culture of belonging in the workplace. Anti-harassment and inclusion training can protect your company’s reputation while clearly communicating what behaviors will not be tolerated in your workplace. Toxic work environments can disrupt and damage workplace morale, creating an unproductive, unpleasant, and sometimes even hostile working environment.

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Foster a better organizational culture

Our anti-harassment and inclusion training provides comprehensive solutions for nurturing a diverse and welcoming work environment.


Anti-harassment and inclusion

Harassment and discrimination impacts well-being and performance. Establish a safe and inclusive atmosphere for every individual in your organization.

  • Sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment poses a liability for employers and a danger for employees. Create a safe environment by educating your employees on the consequences of sexual harassment and empowering victims to report inappropriate behaviors. Plus, we offer state-specific sexual harassment training.

  • Unconscious bias

    Unconscious bias perpetuates negative stereotypes that lead to a lack of workplace diversity. UB training eliminates biased behaviors from influencing hiring decisions, promotions, and everyday interactions.



Level up your organization by taking a proactive approach to establishing and implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) into your workplace.

  • Discrimination

    Discrimination in the workplace is harmful and illegal. An anti-discrimination training program reinforces inclusive behavior and helps prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

  • Generational diversity

    Generational diversity can impact the way employees perform, the way they perceive the organization, and the way they interact with one another. By understanding generational diversity better, you can manage your employees more effectively.


    Understanding LGBTQIA+ terms and concepts—including gender identity and expression—can help organizations identify and address microaggressions that are far too common in professional environments.

  • Neurodiversity

    Neurodiversity should be acknowledged and celebrated. Our neurodiversity training materials provide you with the skills and understanding to attract, recruit, and assimilate neurodivergent individuals.


Workplace behavior

Train your employees to exhibit appropriate workplace behavior. Doing so reduces the likelihood of future conflicts while establishing a healthy company culture.

  • Professional conduct

    The first step in creating a safe and inclusive workplace is making all employees aware of the issues, what is – and what is not – acceptable. Workforce training helps organizations comply with new regulations, as well as ensure their employees are aware of appropriate behavior and conduct.

  • Workplace violence

    Every business needs a strategy in place for workplace violence prevention. This training teaches your HR department best practices for responding to disgruntled employees, active shooters, suspicious packages, and more.

Improve your business with mental health and wellness training

Training your employees and managers to understand and exemplify inclusive behavior goes a long way toward eliminating discrimination in the workplace. Proper training keeps your employees up-to-date on conduct, compliance, and culturally relevant topics. Our workplace anti-harassment and inclusion training libraries include everything you need to establish, implement, and maintain a healthy and diverse company culture.