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HR Laws provides the timely news and in-depth analysis you need to update policies, resolve conflicts, defend tough decisions, and advise senior leadership. Our nationwide network of attorneys, practicing in each of the 50 United States, provides accurate guidance on meeting employer obligations under both state and federal law.

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Compliance insights and updates

Get behind-the-scenes intelligence on new employment legislation, court decisions, and rulings impacting your organization.

  • HR Laws All-Access

    As an HR Laws All-Access subscriber, you gain access to all region and state-specific Employment Law Letters, Employers State Law Alert, and Federal Employment Law Insider.

  • Employment Law Letter

    Latest state employment law developments from across the nation, so you can adjust your policies and advise managers at multiple sites. You learn of legislative acts, court decisions, and new employer rights and obligations.

  • State Law Alert

    Employers State Law Alert provides HR professionals with the guidance needed to ensure compliance with state employment laws and regulations across 50 states. Each month, get a summary of the latest state employment laws and regulations.

  • Federal Law Insider

    The Federal Employment Law Insider is the go-to source for behind-the-scenes intelligence on new employment legislation, recent court decisions, and new rulings impacting how you operate your organization.

Your hub of employment law information

Gain access to invaluable HR news, analysis, and insights that will empower you to navigate the complexities of employment law and make informed decisions regarding your HR policies and practices.

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    • HR Laws All-Access: Gain comprehensive access to all region and state-specific resources.
    • Employment Law Letters: Delivering guidance on new state laws, regulations, and court decisions.
    • Employers State Law Alert: Get the latest state employment law developments across the nation.
    • Federal Employment Law Insider: Access reports and analysis from our deeply connected sources on changing laws and regulations at the federal level.
  • Employers Counsel Network

    • HR Laws content is written by our nationwide network of employment law attorneys.
    • The Employers Counsel Network (ECN) comprises more than 200 employment law attorneys from top-level law firms in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., and Canada.
    • ECN attorneys represent employers on all types of workplace issues and disputes.
    • Each firm was chosen because of its superb reputation in the field of employment law.
  • News, analysis, alerts, and more

    • Stay informed on new and amended state laws and regulations and court decisions that affect your policies and personnel decisions.
    • Easily access and customize relevant policy documents from the policy library when the need for a new or updated policy arises.
    • Receive the latest employment news and regulations delivered straight to your inbox.

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