Asset Management

The easiest way to manage asset lifecycle, utilization, and cost.

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Unlock your investment potential with our asset management tool

List all your equipment assets, store key information, and import/export from your accounting system. You can also view the status of your assets, schedule equipment inventory, and access crucial asset information and unique tags.

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Schedule all maintenance and track history in one place


Streamline your preventive maintenance and asset management

Keep your equipment running, maintenance schedules up to date, and control costs with our integrated system.

  • Integration

    Integrates with accounting and CMMS software for easy equipment data upload via our API and sync effortlessly using the export feature.

  • Compliance management

    Meet regulatory requirements by tracking equipment certifications, permits, and inspections.

  • Equipment tracking

    Track the location, condition, and maintenance history of your EHS equipment, identify potential issues, and schedule preventive maintenance to reduce downtime.

  • Task management

    Users can create and assign tasks related to equipment management, such as equipment inspections, maintenance, and repair.

  • Customized fields and reporting

    Create custom fields on equipment performance, maintenance costs, and compliance issues to reduce operating costs.


Core capabilities of asset management

Assign violations to equipment to see frequent offenders. Assign equipment to the scheduler for preventative maintenance tasks. Add custom columns to track ownership and location.

  • Automated asset tracking

    Automated asset tracking allows the tool to track and store information such as the asset’s location, its condition, how it is being used, and its maintenance history.

  • Asset lifecycle management

    Asset lifecycle management enables the tool to manage the entire asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

  • Security

    Security measures ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive asset information.

  • Interconnected solutions

    Streamlined communication between tools ensures optimized records on equipment maintenance, corrective and preventive actions, industrial hygiene, lockout tagout history, incident tracking, and more.

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Secure and track your assets with our asset management tool

Are you looking for an easy-to-use asset management tool to help you manage your business's assets? Easily access a complete list of your equipment inventory from any device—computer, tablet, or phone.