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HR Hero is an essential resource for HR professionals, providing comprehensive and up-to-date analysis, tools, and resources to handle the complexities of human resources management effectively. Our value proposition lies in empowering HR teams with the knowledge and support they need to navigate challenging HR situations, implement best practices, and achieve organizational success.

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Accomplish your daily workload with confidence

  • Know the laws and when they change

    Get expert legal analysis, guidance, and easy-to-understand explanations of the state and federal laws that impact HR practices.

  • Streamline manual processes

    Streamline the time it takes to manage administrative, planning, and document management tasks.

  • Salary benchmarking data

    Make informed payroll decisions with salary averages by industry, company size, geographic data, and job titles.

  • Straightforward compliance and training

    Strengthen the performance and compliance of your organization with ongoing employee training and development.

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Your hub for all things HR

With HR Hero, HR professionals gain access to an extensive library of expertly crafted content, including legal insights, compliance guides, templates, sample policies, and practical advice. Our solutions cover a wide range of HR topics, including employment law, hiring and onboarding, performance management, employee relations, and benefits administration.
  • Tools built for action and configured for your organization

    From building your employee handbook to auditing salaries to managing job descriptions, HR Hero ® has all the functionality you and your team need to stay organized and compliant, in one central location.

  • Leave the details to us and let your team shine

    With 1,600+ ready-to-use documents and downloads, across over 75 employment topics, we provide complete training resources, checklists, forms, and calculators that will allow you to excel in your day-to-day tasks in half the time. Free yourself and your team from administrative burdens so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Let our 100+ years of collective team experience be to your advantage

    Eliminate Expensive Hourly Consulting Rates with the assistance of HR Hero®. Our in-house employment law experts are here to help you navigate your most pressing HR questions with the thoroughness you need and the human context you can trust.

Unlock HR compliance and workflow efficiencies with HR Hero

Our platform is designed to streamline HR processes, saving valuable time and allowing HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives. HR Hero provides practical solutions that address real-world HR challenges, offering step-by-step guidance and actionable recommendations based on industry best practices and legal compliance requirements.

415 hrs

time saved annually streamlining critical tasks


average client score from Capterra


average number of times HR Hero subscribers have renewed


of clients use HR Hero every week

Annual hours saved

  • 164 hrs saved maintaining handbooks and writing policies
  • 93.6 hrs saved training
  • 727.5 hrs saved on hiring and staffing
  • 538 hrs saved administering compensation and company programs
  • 549.6 hrs saved on department creation and records management

Subject matter expertise

  • 19,500+ Hotline questions resolved
  • 52 critical HR updates deployed annually
  • 75 HR topic areas covered
  • 100+ Collective years of industry experience

Client insights

  • On average HR Hero customers have renewed 5.7 times
  • 54 industries served across current subscribers
  • 75% of people use HR Hero every week
  • 88% of subscribers agree that HR Hero decreases regulatory research time, eases the facilitation of training, or automate manual processes
  • Capterra ranking 4.3 out of 5

Tools and resources

  • 22 HR calculators for analysis and benchmarking
  • 8 comprehensive reference guides on key employment law areas
  • Over 100 topical HR podcasts
  • Hundreds of specialized checklists, forms, guidance documents, and policies
  • 1300+ blending learning options including instructor-led training (ILT) materials and audio resources

Streamline your organization’s HR and compliance needs