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Customer stories

  1. EHS Hero

    “Our past onboarding process consists of outdated DVD’s, and lacked curriculum that would bring educational value to the attendees. This antiquated platform subjected us to regulatory non-compliance issues but most importantly, lacked a solid training platform as where the employees could learn and apply their knowledge in the manufacturing environment."

    "Having a solid learning system such as EHS Hero in place during the onboarding process is essential and has brought value to the organization. The onboarding process is the time to train, educate and is truly the beginning and development of your safety culture.” “The ease of instructing, the various means in which you can deliver and present the material. It does not take a safety professional and one having vast knowledge in the OSHA standards to conduct the training.”

    Steve F. | Corporate EHS Manager Herff Jones
  2. HR Hero

    “As an Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, we are in operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As our crews are living in the quarters and constantly here, the administrative staff is not. HR Hero allows my crews the ability to access HR directly when they need it and they do not have to wait for Administration. Not only are they able to look up the general day to day policies that pertains to the service; but they are also able to research other laws that they themselves are affected by personally and professionally."

    "I have saved many hours already personally with the staff being able to have access to not only our policy manual, but by the many research aids available through HR Hero. Way more efficient way of conducting services. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of an HR service to consider this service immensely. I was able to create a well-written policy manual, simply and easily that fits state and federal standards. Employees have enjoyed the ability to utilize HR that they don't feel are "out to get them". Wish I would have found HR Hero sooner.”

    Sean R. | Paramedic Lake Region Ambulance Service
  3. TrainingToday

    “I wanted to provide my team training opportunities that would help expand their skill set. I was able to accomplish that with TrainingToday. I saw an immediate positive impact within the team. Employees were completing 3–4 training modules a week and were rapidly expanding their individual skill sets.”

    “Along with the high-quality training and how easy TrainingToday is to use, what made working with BLR so great was the exceptional customer service I experienced. The level of trust and transparency with the TrainingToday team is hard to find elsewhere. I’d say if you’re looking for an easy way to provide your team with training and value-strong customer service relationships, then you should really be considering TrainingToday.”

    Marlon E. | Director of Facilities Atlanta Technical College




Basalite uses our EHS management software, EHS Hero, as a tool for assigning corrective and preventive actions at their manufacturing plants to ensure their employees have a safe and hazard-free workplace.


Society for Human Resource Management

As a partner client of BLR, the Society for Human Resource Management utilizes our Employee Handbook Builder and Job Description Manager tools to help their members stay compliant with federal and state employment law regulations.


MEXCOR International

Discover why an HR manager, with over 5 years of experience using BLR's HR solutions at a previous job, introduced HR Hero to MEXCOR International, a nationally operating organization. Learn how its compliance, compensation, and salary insights made a difference in their decision.