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Comprehensive compliance management

Test drive our EHS compliance management tools and discover the advantage of having EHS expert insights at your fingertips.

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Uncover how our EHS compliance management software helps you to avoid incidents, manage risks, ensure compliance, and protect your people, property, and environment. Discover an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to navigate regulatory information, find procedures and plans, and customize training materials, putting all your compliance needs in one place.

What do you get with EHS Hero?

Try EHS Hero® for a 7-day trial. Create customized EHS plans complete with regulatory requirements. Dive into EPA, OSHA, DOT, and other state and federal environmental and safety regulatory insights from in-house EHS experts. Find ready-to-use training materials, policies, handouts, and guidance documents for EHS compliance best practices.

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  • Regulatory updates and activity

    Stay informed and compliant with the latest regulatory changes. Our platform aggregates all federal and state updates and presents them in an easily accessible location. With timely notification alerts, you'll have ample time to plan ahead and ensure smooth compliance with changing regulations.

  • Instructor-led training materials

    Our training programs are specifically developed by a team of highly-skilled subject matter experts to meet your organization's compliance requirements. We offer a variety of training formats and lengths to fit your needs, and our team of learning experts ensures that each training is designed to be comprehensive, accurate, and optimized for effective learning.

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) database

    Make sure your employees, especially first responders and emergency personnel, have easy access to crucial Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) information in time-sensitive situations.

  • Custom EHS plan builder

    Our comprehensive solution meets OSHA requirements by streamlining the approval process, to minimize downtime caused by accidents or injuries. Finally, our acknowledgement feature ensures that there is consistent language across plans and locations, making it easier to maintain accurate records.

  • Regulatory comparisons

    Gain peace of mind with regulatory insights from experienced EHS experts. Share analysis across your organization, and compare regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions side-by-side. Save chart configurations to save time when checking for compliance updates.

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  • Multi-modal training

    • Curated and maintained by industry experts to ensure accuracy
    • Comprehensive training materials for easy-to-implement in-person learning
    • Winning component of a compliant, blended-learning, training program
  • Environmental health and safety compliance

    • Uphold EHS policies, promote sustainability, adhere to governance, and maintain high compliance standards
    • Promote a culture of safety within the organization
    • Avoid legal implications and reduce workplace injuries
  • Regulatory Activity

    • A single source of truth for all state and federal regulatory activity
    • Information covered in easy to understand language
    • Proactive approach to reduce workers' compensation costs and minimizes the risk of enforcement issues

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