Optimized lockout tagout software (LOTO)

Protect employees from hazardous energy during equipment shutdowns and maintenance.

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Prevent Hazards, Stay Compliant

Use EHS Hero's tagging and mobile search to provide data you can move on, avoid OSHA penalties, and help your employees get home safely.

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Simplify your LOTO process


Protect your workers from injuries

Safeguard your workers from energy-related injuries with our lockout/ tagout module. Create detailed processes in a fraction of the time and access and update from anywhere with our mobile application.

  • Cross-functional

    Support for file uploads, landscape/portrait views, and image editing allows greater flexibility in creating lockout tagouts.

  • Convenient

    Teams can access LOTOs on any device and from any location, enabling real-time guidance and communication.

  • Organized

    Easily make lockout tagouts by generating numbers and adding custom descriptions for better search.

  • Safety

    Assign lockout tagout training and monitor progress to protect workers from exposure to electrical, mechanical, or thermal energy sources.

  • Compliance

    Improve accountability and transparency, save time and money, and help organizations achieve safety compliance and reduce overall risk.


Improve employee safety in key ways

Our lockout tagout tool simplifies procedure and tag creation. It allows you to build procedures from scratch or upload existing documentation. Use our search filter functionality to find specific lockouts by area, equipment, and more.

  • Customizable interface

    You can customize drop-down menus to match your company's use of energy sources, isolation methods, and verification methods.

  • Centralized recordkeeping

    A centralized system makes it easy to view, change, and print files and tags. You can also check audit and revision history.

  • Automated alerts

    Get automatic reminders when it's time for lockout tagout audits, making sure you follow safety procedures correctly.

  • Improved safety

    Reduce the risks associated with working with hazardous equipment, improving workers' safety and protecting them from injury.

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Protect your workers and avoid OSHA penalties

Every year, hundreds of workers are hurt or killed by sudden energy releases. Violating lockout tagout rules can lead to OSHA fines of up to $250,000. Therefore, it is essential to have an effective LOTO program in place. With EHS Hero’s LOTO tool, you can quickly build and digitize procedures. Our easy-to-use features allow your employees to get guidance instantly from anywhere, even offline.