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A clear and concise handbook defines standards for workplace conduct and describes employee benefits, company policies, and state and federal laws. Create your fully customizable handbook in minutes.

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Build and maintain handbooks in half the time

 The Employee Handbook Builder is a user-friendly solution that streamlines the creation and maintenance of a tailored employee handbook. It addresses policy updates, legal compliance, and company culture clarity for businesses of all sizes. With an intuitive interface and guided approach, this versatile tool supports well-structured handbooks while adapting to organizational growth and change, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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The foundation of a compliant workplace


Enjoy the benefits of a legally compliant handbook

BLR’s Employee Handbook Builder is a living document that can easily be updated with a few clicks making it easily scalable as your organization grows and changes, whether you are writing your first handbook and need guidance or updating an outdated handbook.

  • Provide legal protection

    Utilize our Employee Handbook Builder tool to create a well-crafted, compliant employee handbook that clearly communicates your company's stance on issues like harassment, discrimination, and workplace safety, effectively protecting your company from potential lawsuits and claims.

  • Set clear expectations

    Create a comprehensive handbook that serves as a central resource for employees, clearly outlining company policies, procedures, and expectations, thereby reducing misunderstandings and ensuring a cohesive work environment.

  • Simplify handbook creation and maintenance 

    Streamline the creation and upkeep of federal and state-compliant handbooks, incorporating your unique policies and procedures, ultimately saving time and effort.

  • Minimize your liability

    Rest assured that your handbook is always up to date, as all policies are written and reviewed by Jackson Lewis PPC's employment law experts, ensuring compliance with the most recent employment law requirements.

  • Manage multiple handbooks

    Experience unparalleled flexibility with Employee Handbook Builder, allowing you to customize and maintain compliant handbooks tailored to different employee categories, company subsidiaries, or clients, regardless of the jurisdictions you operate in.

  • Foster an aligned culture

    Share essential information about your company's mission, values, goals, and culture, and promote consistency in how employees are treated and how situations are handled across the organization, making people management smoother and more efficient.


Built with the employers' best interests in mind

From start to finish, building your employee handbooks has never been easier for HR professionals to build, share, and maintain compliant multi-state handbooks.

  • Step-by-step guidance

    Employee Handbook Builder's user-friendly interface streamlines the process of creating compliant, state-specific handbooks. It includes pre-populated policies and procedures authored by the employment law experts at Jackson Lewis PPC, along with step-by-step guidance for a seamless experience.

  • Policy change notifications

    The professionals at Jackson Lewis P.C. monitor regulatory changes for you. If updates are needed in your handbook due to new regulations, we'll send an alert with easy-to-follow instructions on incorporating the new language.

  • Configurable system features

    With our all-inclusive features like policy lock, bulk publish, master handbook, cloning, and policy and branding customizations, managing handbooks becomes a smooth and effortless process.

  • Intuitive policy selection

    The system automatically generates your handbook with the necessary policies based on your questionnaire responses, taking into account your company's size and geographical location.

  • In-tool explanations

    Our explain this to me features provides general background on the laws or rules related to policies as well as explanations on any choices users need to make regarding the policy.

  • Trackable changes

    Monitor policy revisions, view the most recent policy adjustments, and access a historical record of modifications made to your handbooks.

Say goodbye to HR headaches with our handbook builder


Effortlessly create and update your employee handbook

Employee Handbook Builder provides a legally compliant handbook, expertly crafted by Jackson Lewis attorneys, ensuring protection and discretion for employers. Our distinctive initial interview process collects vital information to create accurate policies for each state you operate in. Enjoy unparalleled customization, with the ability to adjust policies and access guidance notes for optimal coverage. We surpass standard templates by offering tailored policies based on your unique needs and responses.


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