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Our dedicated team of internal employment law experts delivers easy-to-understand interpretations and explanations of federal and state employment regulations and compliance responsibilities in response to your specific scenarios, empowering you to manage the situation with confidence.

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Ensure compliance and make strategic decision with confidence

The HR Hero HR Hotline offers HR professionals expert guidance, timely assistance, and seamless integration within the HR Hero platform, empowering them to confidently address HR challenges, ensure compliance, and make strategic decisions for organizational success.

  • Avoid HR fines and penalties

    Reduce the risk of potential violations, fines, and costly suits with our comprehensive analysis and interpretations of regulatory requirements specific to your question and situation.

  • Safeguard employees and your organization

    Get the answers you need to protect employees’ safety and rights, while also adhering to laws and guidelines and acting in the best interest of the business.

  • Act with confidence

    Make well-informed decisions regarding delicate employment law issues by gaining a clear understanding of federal and state requirements, empowering you to skillfully traverse the complex and often complicated aspects of HR compliance.

  • Save money

    Potentially reduce the need for expensive external legal counsel and consultant fees on employment law matters, keeping your business protected and thriving.


Navigate HR compliance with ease

HR Hotline provides valuable assistance in navigating complex HR challenges, ensuring compliance, and making informed HR decisions.

  • Simple submission

    Email your query with pertinent details such as topic, jurisdiction, and question directly to our team of in-house experts right from the HR Hero platform.

  • Timely answers

    Email your questions and receive detailed answers in as fast as one business day, and no more than three days.

  • Thorough explanations

    Our expert team not only addresses your question but also delivers extensive answers complete with pertinent resources and references, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough response.

  • Five questions per month

    With our standard subscription plan, HR Hero provides five monthly questions per company. Additionally, we offer the choice for subscribers to add more questions to their plan as needed.

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Dependable extension of your HR team

Staying compliant with federal and state employment laws can be a daunting task. Our team of HR employment law experts offers easy-to-understand explanations that can help simplify your HR compliance. With our team on your side, you can protect your organization from potential risks.