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LMS Admin as a Service

Leave the technical and administrative aspects of TrainingToday’s LMS to us.

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Optimize your learning management

Get access to a dedicated training administrator to help manage your TrainingToday LMS. Your assigned team member will provide essential onboarding and administrative support for 10 hours each month. By outsourcing LMS-related administrative tasks to BLR’s skilled training administrators, you can optimize your learning management processes and focus on delivering effective training to your team.

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Streamline your training program

Reduce the managerial burden of LMS-related tasks and improve the efficiency of your training program.

  • Time and resource savings

    Delegate LMS admin/management to us, providing you more time to focus on core training and development initiatives to make your organization thrive.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    From launch to live – speed up LMS and training program implementation. Streamline LMS and training processes, improve the efficiency of your training programs.

  • Expertise and knowledge

    By utilizing an LMS Admin as a Service, you gain access to their specialized knowledge and experience in effectively managing, maintaining, and optimizing your LMS. Don’t have to learn new LMS functions/tech, leave that to the pros.

  • Continuous support

    TrainingToday’s LMS experts are available for continuous support, helping clients adapt to system changes or updates. Clients are kept in the loop and given support for optimizing their platform as new features are implemented.

  • Cost savings

    Hiring a dedicated LMS administrator can be costly, especially for small to medium-sized organizations. By opting for TrainingToday’s LMS Admin as a Service, you can reduce training and lead-time associated with managing an LMS on your own.

Full range of services

BLR’s cloud-based customer service software and internal teams of LMS experts provide peace of mind with continuous support for TrainingToday’s customers.

  • User and content manager

    • Manage user accounts and profiles within the LMS, including assigning user roles and permissions, and managing user groups.
    • User courses and learning path enrollments and registrations.
    • Organize learning content, including uploading course materials, media files, and creating and managing learning paths.
  • Reporting & LMS configuration

    • Report generation and analysis of learner progress, course completion rates, assessment results, and other data analysis needed for evaluation of training program effectiveness.
    • Full set up, configuration, and customization of LMS, including user interface, branding, and user roles and permissions.
  • Unmatched support

    • Technical support and troubleshooting assistance to LMS users, such as API integrations, single sign-on, or other technical issues.
    • A dedicated client content that you can coordinate with to ensure your program meets all your training requirements, as well as any training deadlines you may set.

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