HazCom and SDS Management

Keep safety data sheets in one place that is easy to update and access.

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Make HAZCom and SDS management more accessible

The HAZCom and SDS tool makes your safety data sheets easily accessible from any smart device and seamlessly links SDS to other EHS Hero management tools such as training or JHA for one-click access.

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Protect against hazardous chemical injuries


Effectively lookup and communicate the hazards of chemicals to your teams

Maintain an inventory of used and stored chemicals, safety data sheets, label containers, and educate employees on your HazCom program, all from one convenient location.

  • Stay organized

    Create custom search filters unique to your business needs so your employees can quickly find the appropriate SDS.

  • Streamline communication

    Once loaded into the tool, employees throughout the company will have easy access to HAZCom/SDS documents from any location.

  • Enhanced safety

    SDS accuracy ensures the safety of employees and minimizes the possibility of chemical exposure and other health hazards.

  • Improve efficiency

    Centralized system for managing and organizing SDSs, reducing the risk of errors, misplacements, or loss—all while improving accessibility and searchability.

  • Trustworthy compliance

    Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations set forth by OSHA, EPA, and other governing agencies.


Key features of the HAZCom and SDS management tool

With our HAZCom and SDS management tool, you can be confident that your workplace is compliant and secure.

  • Automated labeling and SDS generation

    Automatically generate labels and safety data sheets for hazardous materials in compliance with GHS, OSHA, and other regulations.

  • Material inventory tracking

    Simply upload to add HAZCom/SDS documents of any file type or link the URL if the company providing the chemical has a URL database.

  • Online access

    Link internal documents to JHAs or training tools within the platform so your team can easily access SDSs and other relevant documents, including labels and training materials.

  • Fast and accessible

    Use search filters such as product/common name, manufacturer, issue date, hazard statement, and CAS number, or create your own custom search filter to find an SDS.

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Take the stress out of managing your HazCom and SDS programs

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your HazCom and SDS programs? Look no further! Our HazCom and SDS management tool offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution to help you keep track of your hazardous chemicals and safety data sheets. It’s simple to use and helps you stay organized and compliant with your HazCom and SDS requirements. Try it today and see the difference!