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Actionable News helps you keep pace with what's going on, stay updated on important trends, and make informed decisions for your operations and policies.

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    Don't let compliance deadlines and employment hot topics catch you off guard, get the knowledge you need from our team of industry and employment law experts.

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    Stay informed on current HR cases and receive updates on pending employment law changes to avoid surprises.

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    Our expertise becomes the support pillar of your HR strategy, equipping you with the information you need to make key decisions for your organization.

  • Regulatory insights and updates

    Get behind-the-scenes intelligence on new employment legislation, court decisions, and rulings impacting your organization.

  • Explore recent and upcoming regulatory changes

    Stay ahead of the curve by examining recent changes and projections for future regulations in key areas such as background checks and unemployment compensation.


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Stay in the know with our regular news updates and weekly newsletter, delivering current news, trends, court decisions, and HR insights right to your fingertips.

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    New articles on the latest court cases, employment law happenings across all 50 states, and industry trends posted daily.

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    Weekly emails delivered directly to your inbox summarizing the latest HR insights, news, upcoming compliance dates, content additions and more.

  • Extension coverage

    Through our partnership with the Employers Council Network (ECN), we collaborate with prominent law firms in each state, ensuring a comprehensive, on-the-ground approach to staying current with state-specific information.

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    Add State Employment Law Letters, Federal Employment Law Insider, or Employers State Law Alert to your HR Hero subscriptions and receive timely communications on regional, state-specific, and federal employment laws and regulations.

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