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Create custom plans that meet your organization's needs in minutes from our library of preloaded templates that allow for easy customization.

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Revolutionize your safety and environmental planning

Creating and updating safety and environmental plans can be overwhelming and costly and expose you to unnecessary risk. With the EHS Hero Plan Builder, you’ll save time with proven, ready-to-use plans that are current with today’s ever-changing requirements.

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Custom plans that align with organizational needs


Actionable plans that keeps your people safe

Identify, address, and develop plans that address organizational, employee, and process risks.

  • Improved compliance

    Premade plans that define policies, procedures, and practices in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices

  • Increased efficiency

    Streamline the EHS planning process with the reduction of manual documentation and recordkeeping.

  • Enhanced employee safety

    Foster a culture emphasizing safety and health, enhancing employee engagement, and boosting workplace safety.

  • User-friendly interface

    User-friendly interface that allows organizations to easily create, customize, and update their EHS plans

  • Risk management

    Identify and address organizational, employee, and process risks and develop a plan to address those risks.


Key features and functionalities of the Plan Builder tool

Ensure that all of your plans are current with today's ever-changing requirements. The plan builder tool offers premade templates you can edit and customize to fit your company's needs.

  • Templates with real-time updates

    Explore and choose from a wide variety of compliance-related templates. Easily detect updated documents in your plans, examine all linked plans, and swiftly integrate the most recent version.

  • Custom formatting

    Easily edit and customize materials to meet your team's specifications and apply custom formatting to the plan design

  • Easy collaboration

    Create users and approvers of company-wide or site-specific plans to get faster feedback and approvals from internal stakeholders.

  • Overview summary

    View the most recent document update and last accessed plan to resume your previous work swiftly. Categorize your plans by safety, environmental, or combined markets for a comprehensive overview of your created plans.

  • Multi-site plans

    Create, modify, and finalize site-specific plans for all locations your business operates. Edit, delete, download, or clone finalized plans for other sites or future use.

Become an EHS hero


Simplify your EHS planning process with our plan builder tool

Our Plan Builder tool offers customizable templates to meet your organization's specific needs. With user-friendly editing features and a centralized database for storing and managing your plans, you can save time and reduce manual plan creation and maintenance costs. Plus, with the peace of mind from knowing your plans comply with ever-changing regulations, you can focus on what matters most – keeping your employees safe and your organization successful.