Training Management

Make your training records searchable by name, location, job function, and more.

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Accessible employee training management and validation tools

Our training management software provides a way to digitally maintain records of your instructor lead training and digitally assigned courses. With options for creating site specific training for individual sites and corporate training for accessibility across locations, making sure your people are up-to-date on their training requirements is easier than ever.

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Transform the way you train your employees


Training Management is the foundation of incident prevention

Leverage scannable dashboards to track your workforce's training progress, implement knowledge checks to ensure they grasp essential information, and foster a culture of ongoing learning and compliance.

  • Monitor progress

    Select specific completion percentage requirements and limit the number of quiz attempts before intervention.

  • Improve safety and compliance

    Link quizzes to training modules, allowing employees to access and complete their assigned tasks easily.

  • Increase employee engagement

    Efficiently manage any type of training by creating custom content and tailoring administration with various validation options to meet your organization's needs.

  • Optimize operations

    Ensure the right people receive timely and accurate training while maintaining meticulous records of your employees' training status.

  • Promote best practices

    Effortlessly manage and track employee progress by quickly reviewing and reassessing milestones with a single click.

  • Tangible performance tracking

    Upload and access important files during validation, maintain an organized record of employee progress, and monitor revisions and audits effectively.


Employee development and safety training

Automated employee groups ensure the right people get the proper training on time. Having multiple validation methods means that with our training management software, training is administered how you need it.

  • Automated scheduling

    The ability to create, manage and schedule training sessions easily and quickly.

  • Customizable training content

    Deliver tailored training programs to employees, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Reporting and analytics

    The ability to generate reports on employee training progress, completion rates, and other data-driven insights.

  • Revision tracking

    Minimize errors and inconsistencies and improve the overall quality of your organization's training records with ISO-compliant data validation.

Become an EHS hero


Maximize the efficiency of your safety training program

Experience the ultimate employee training management software developed by our team with yours in mind. We know that training multiple employees at once can be overwhelming and hard to manage. The EHS Hero Training Management software allows the organization and structure necessary for the appropriate employee development. You can even review and reassess employee milestones with our training tracking software so that you can keep track of it all at the touch of a button.