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Best of BLR’s HR ‘Trends in 20’ webinar series

Author: Mikayla Flynn, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Using their combined experience of 100+ years, BLR’s in-house team of employment law experts answer your questions, develop training courses, resources and guidance documents, and make real-time updates as laws and regulations change. They also share their HR know-how on our ‘Trends in 20’ webinar series to deliver expert driven updates on the latest hot topics impacting your business, completely free! Below, we highlight our three most-attended webinars this year and a link to watch them on-demand. Get the knowledge you need, when you need it.

1. Form I-9 and what employers need to know about remote verification

Completing I-9s and performing reverifications can be a challenge. Many employers would likely agree that employment verification is one of the most difficult HR processes to get right. With the DHS publishing a revamped and streamlined Form I-9 on August 1, 2023, to start being used by November 1, 2023, employers need to ensure they’re on top of the changes. Failure to use the new form I-9 puts employers at risk of penalties under section 274A of the INA, as enforced by ICE. Get caught up on the reverification changes in 20 minutes by watching our on-demand webinar here.

2. HR outlook 2023: changes and trends in employment laws

HR professionals who possess a deep understanding of employment laws are better equipped to make informed decisions, prevent legal problems, and maintain a fair and equitable work environment. During this compliance check-in webinar, gain insight into what topic areas and trends HR professionals will want to keep top-of-mind in 2023 and beyond such as pay equality, leave laws, data protection, the CROWN Act Legislation and hair discrimination, and more! Watch the webinar here.

3. HR mid-year update: changes and trends in employment laws

In June, we organized an HR mid-year update webinar where we discussed the modifications and developments in employment laws. Failure to stay up to date with employment laws can lead to a host of problems for employers, including costly lawsuits, financial penalties, reputational damage, and employee morale issues. To help get you caught up, we cover HR hot topics like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), recent rulings by the Supreme Court, pay transparency, and more. You can now watch the webinar at any time that suits you by clicking here.

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