HR outlook 2023: changes and trends in employment laws


While the start of a new year brings excitement and new opportunities, it also brings a new set of employment law changes and trends for HR professionals to stay on top of.

Learn from BLR Managing Editor, Celeste Duke, SPHR in this information-packed on-demand webinar that will provide insight into what topic areas and trends HR professionals will want to keep top-of-mind in 2023 and beyond.

Topic areas covered include:

  • Pay equity. States continue to add or expand existing equal pay laws, with elements like salary history and pay transparency leading the recent trends.
  • Leave laws. States are moving toward more inclusive definitions of “family” for family and medical leave as well as increasing both paid and unpaid leave obligations for employers.
  • Data protection. Some states are moving to protect employees’ personal data held by employers.
  • Technology. States are regulating the use of technology in employment, from rules about electronic monitoring to the use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process.
  • Cannabis. States continue to expand marijuana laws for both recreational and medical use. Additionally, states are increasingly protecting employees’ legal off-duty use of marijuana.
  • CROWN Act Legislation/Hair Discrimination. More than a third of states and many municipalities now have laws prohibiting discrimination based on certain hair types commonly associated with race.

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