CoAdvantage: A partner case study

As a professional employer organization (PEO), CoAdvantage specializes in handling human resources (HR). CoAdvantage supports its client business in critical HR areas. Its team of certified professionals offers guidance on a wide range of employee matters, while its innovative solutions keep clients’ back-end HR operations running smoothly.

CoAdvantage at a glance

• 500+ employees
• 90,000 worksite employees nationwide
• Specializes in payroll processing, risk management, compliance, and recruitment for construction, medical, law firms, non-for-profits, and other industries.

As the second-largest privately held PEO in the nation, CoAdvantage’s 500+ employees are responsible for over 90,000 worksite employees across the country. The principal areas covered by CoAdvatage are consulting, payroll processing, risk management and compliance, recruitment, HR administration, partner programs, and staffing services. The most common industries include hospitality, petroleum, construction, medical, doctors’ offices, attorneys, accountants, car dealerships, not-for-profits, and several opportunities to expand into new markets.


• Access to accurate, consistently up-to-date compliance information
• Multiple account logins to various HR platforms
• Tools and resources to support its large account rep team with their client needs nationwide
• Tools, content, and compliance spanning federal and multiple state jurisdictions
• Designated contact/account rep dedicated to CoAdvantage instead of just a help center

Director of Client Services, Jill Hawley, has years of experience with BLR® products across multiple different companies and states. When planning and steering CoAdvantage on the path of success, she knew she could count on her previous experience with BLR to take several critical elements off her plate.

CoAdvantage used another LMS provider but opted to go with BLR’s LMS, TrainingToday®, strictly because of the response time and having a dedicated account manager to support its team. Jill found it incredibly helpful to have someone who can troubleshoot and be a true liaison between companies.


CoAdvantage’s HR department had already been using BLR’s Employee Handbook Builder and the FLSA Audit Tool prior to Jill being brought on to lead the team. Once onboard, she implemented BLR’s HR platform, HR Hero®, to ensure complete legal compliance at the federal and state level. “For regulatory updates, that is so all encompassing. It’s just a great thing to have at our clients’ fingertips. I’m not even sure what we did before,” said Jill.

One of the driving factors for choosing HR Hero was its multistate and multiuser functions. Jill manages the whole state of Florida, but she is also responsible for all of the other employees across the country who also need access to HR Hero. She needed a platform that everyone could access, unlike the company’s previous compliance vendor, which only allowed 10 users at a time. From prior experience, Jill also knew that HR Hero had great customization, ease-of-use features, and timesaving tools.

CoAdvantage uses the Employee Handbook Builder tool as an internal-use tool only. This allows the company to build handbooks for clients, as well as maintain total control over legal updates and regulations that could otherwise be a liability to its clients. As for HR Hero, account executives are able to assist their clients with training, multistate guides, and tools, which they have found to be super helpful. Before Employee Handbook Builder, it was a manual process for the CoAdvantage team. “We used to have a template and would type them up individually. It was not fun,” Jill notes.

Value delivered

Jill and her CoAdvantage team have appreciated the timesaving and reliable products they are using from BLR. Although they may not actively measure the benefits from using these products, Jill easily remembers the old ways of doing things without tools from BLR. Having to do everything by hand and complete hours of research to ensure compliance is something Jill is relieved not to have to worry about anymore.

The level of service is another determining factor that led Jill to BLR. Having a dedicated account manager, compared to a help center, gives her and her team rapid responses on troubleshooting and progress-halting questions. BLR’s dedication to providing best-in-class service gives it an advantage that is difficult to imitate.

Utilizing BLR’s HR Hero, FLSA Audit Tool, and Employee Handbook Builder tool, CoAdvantage has been able to:

• Scale success for its business across the country.
• Build responsive and lasting relationships with account managers and BLR.
• Save time and effort researching compliance updates and regulations at the state and federal levels.

Provide clients with worry-free compliance material and tools.

During this next year, CoAdvantage has its sights set on expanding its company while targeting industries it doesn’t service yet. Everyone on the team is looking forward to getting back to a “normal” state of work and getting through a couple of internal system changes. With all the changes going on, both internally and externally, it is good to know that BLR will continue to deliver top-quality products and service.

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