Work Authorization

Safeguard your workers and minimize the risk of accidents in environments that pose potential hazards to human health and safety. Our Work Authorizations tool provides an extra layer of protection by ensuring that only authorized personnel enter these areas.

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Minimize the impact of hazardous work

A 360-degree view of hazardous work environments with in-tool permit execution and reassessment capabilities.

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The information you need to minimize hazardous workspaces


Create a safer and less hazardous workplace

Efficiently manage confined space hazards with our all-in-one solution. Gain 360-degree visibility, execute permits, and make informed decisions for workforce safety.

  • Enhanced worker safety

    Identify potential hazards associated with a particular workspace so workers can take precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Hazardous workspace insights

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the hazards associated with various work environments so your organization protects worker safety.

  • Understand work authorizations

    Gain a better understanding of the requirements needed for workers to be authorized to work in confined spaces and hazardous environments.

  • Reduced risk of incidents

    Reduce the risk of unintentional incidents by ensuring workers know the hazards of a particular workspace.

  • Streamlined work authorization

    Streamline the authorization process, making it more efficient for workers to obtain the necessary authorization to work in hazardous areas.


Core features and capabilities

Streamline the process of creating, executing, and reassessing work environments for confined space, extreme temperatures, poor air quality, excessive noise, and radiation with one unified platform, which includes in-tool permit execution.

  • Manage hazardous work environments

    The work authorization tool allows you to create, execute, and reassess hazardous work environments within one platform.

  • Comprehensive safety management

    Our work authorization tool seamlessly integrates with our Job Hazard Analysis and Lockout Tagout tools, providing a comprehensive safety management system.

  • Streamline approvals

    Electronic approvals for designated personnel are a key feature of our work authorization tool, making the approval process more efficient and streamlined.

  • Better safety feature analysis

    The ability to track whether executions were closed normally or abnormally is an important feature of our work authorization tool.

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Enhanced safety for dangerous work environments

Take steps now to reduce the risk of unintentional incidents in your workplace by using our state-of-the-art tool to identify and assess the hazards associated with your workspace. Our Work Authorizations tool enables you to easily identify potential risks and take the necessary measures to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents in a hazardous workplace. Get started now and ensure a safer, more productive environment for everyone.