Workplace safety complacency quiz

Can your workforce identify signs and symptoms of complacency?

Complacency affects all workplaces, industries, and people to various degrees. And because no one is immune to becoming complacent, it’s paramount for both employees and frontline supervisors to be able to spot the signs and symptoms in themselves and their peers before a misstep or injury occurs.

Complacency can be described as a feeling of security that often leads to a lack of awareness of your surroundings. Complacent workers often have a decreased sensitivity to workplace hazards associated with highly routine tasks. Maybe you’re getting too comfortable with a task or process, or going through a process step by step in an ‘autopilot’ mode where you’re not taking time to think critically about your actions. This increases the probability of an injury or accident occurring in the workplace; so it’s important to take steps to combat it. The ability to identify the signs and symptoms of safety complacency in both yourself and your workers is key.


According to data collected by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.6 million employees sustain a serious injury at work each year.

Don’t wait until a near-miss or close call happens, take a proactive approach by downloading our complimentary quiz created by BLR’s subject matter experts and use it to gauge your employee’s knowledge and/or as a self-evaluation tool for yourself.

Bottom line

Taking steps to consistently identify, prevent and combat complacency can pay off enormously for your organization in the long run and protect your workers. Take the time needed to self-audit and address signs of complacency in yourself and don’t hesitate to voice  your concerns when you see those signs in your workforce.

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