person typing on a laptop about company policies

When to revisit company policies and procedures

Author: Steve Gutierrez, Holland & Hart LLP

Our company is expecting to start a new business line. Should we revisit our policies and procedures?

The fact your company is setting up a new business line doesn’t mean you must revisit the company’s policies and procedures, unless the addition of the new line would increase your employee count so much that the company would be obligated to offer new benefits or comply with additional mandates.

For example, increasing employee count might create the obligation to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If that’s the case, you would have to establish an FMLA-compliant policy. In our view, it’s always smart, however, to routinely revisit policies and procedures to ensure they’re meeting the needs of the business and promoting a positive workplace culture in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Auditing files and related HR practices for efficiency and compliance is a must.

Steve Gutierrez is a partner of Holland & Hart LLP in Denver, Colorado. He can be reached at