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TrainingToday unveils new workplace DEI learning path

Author: BLR

To supplement TrainingToday’s extensive library of business training content, BLR will introduce a new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) learning path, created by in-house learning and compliance experts. The objective of the DEI in the Workplace courses is to equip employees with the information and skills to demonstrate respectful workplace behavior, considerately navigate LGBTQIA+ concepts, avoid microaggressions, collaborate with neurodivergent coworkers, understand how racism affects the workplace, and learn how to be an ally.

This new DEI in the Workplace learning path was specifically developed to assist companies in making their DEI programs successful, no matter where they are in their maturity. The courses are simple to administer on TrainingToday’s learning management system (LMS) or an existing system. They are full of the training materials employers need to develop an inclusive workforce and exceptional company culture.

BLR’s senior product manager Chelsea Brookes adds, “These microlearnings are developed to be engaging and interactive, providing learning and development teams the opportunity to administer insightful content to bolster their DEI programs.”

There are multiple reasons DEI in the workplace matters, including:

  • Over 70% of jobseekers look for employers with diversity and inclusion strategies in place.
  • 40% of employees have left their companies after experiencing harassment, bullying, or stereotyping.
  • Diverse teams are better decision-makers, and diverse companies have higher innovation revenues.
  • Inclusive work environments are a key factor when it comes to retaining and recruiting top talent.
  • Three-quarters of the workforce prefer to work for more diverse companies, and nearly half of employees believe their companies need to improve their diversity of race, gender, and ethnicity.

To learn more about TrainingToday’s new DEI in the Workplace training library or to request a personalized demonstration, visit our Employee Training page or call 1-800-727-5257.