Supervisor’s guide to maintaining a positive workplace safety culture


Frontline supervisors are the key interface between management and line employees. They play a pivotal role in worker protection and fostering a positive safety culture in their workplace. Organizations who maintain a safe work environment will see increased productivity and a decrease in injuries and turnover rates.


Supervisors have different roles depending on the work environment, tasks, workforce, company culture, and company size. There is no definitive list or job description that fits every supervisor.

Frontline supervisors have important responsibilities for maintaining a safe workplace culture. These duties are essential for maintaining a positive safety environment. We’ve compiled a quick guide outlining each of those responsibilities for you.

Key responsibilities for maintaining a positive workplace safety culture

  • Training and educating employees
  • Providing resources and support
  • Enforcing safety policies and rules
  • Actively supervising employees
  • Demonstrating safety leadership