See the Virtual Assistant in action: Short 4-min video

Four tools that integrate EHS management

The virtual assistant, comprising the CAPA, Scheduler, Document Center, and Insights tools, is the backbone of the EHS Hero® management system. These tools automate essential workflows like sending task reminders, assigning required training, and encouraging employee accountability.

The toolkit for workflow success

  • CAPA. Hold employees accountable by automating the creation, notifications, follow-up, and management of action.
  • Document Center. Stop wasting paper on policy manuals no one reads. If it’s important, it should be online, and our environment, health, and safety (EHS) management system software makes it easy.
  • Scheduler. Scheduling on our EHS management software system ensures you meet important compliance deadlines with scheduled, recurring reminders.
  • Insights. Ensure your audits and training are completed on time while displaying incidents, audits, actions, and training reporting metrics at a high level.

The Virtual Assistant is the perfect addition to our many EHS management tools. Discover the BLR difference today.