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HR product update: Q1 2024 enhancements and launches

Author: BLR

This HR product update edition is packed with significant enhancements and changes designed to improve your experience and effectiveness as an HR professional using HR Hero and HR Laws. From streamlined processes and new features to improved compliance tools, we’re excited to share how these latest developments can positively impact your day-to-day HR tasks. Whether you’re a long-time user or considering HR Hero or HR Laws for your organization, stay tuned to learn more about these essential updates and how they can benefit you and your team.

Featured HR Hero enhancements

A strategic update to HR Hero – New Hire Packet

new hire packet sample

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving HR management practices, we are excited to announce a significant update to the HR Hero platform: the integration of a new document type, the “New Hire Packet.” This addition comes after the retirement of The Personnel Advisor in the first quarter of 2024, transitioning all users and resources to HR Hero.

The New Hire Packets are designed to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring compliance with state-specific employment laws and regulations. This is particularly crucial for companies operating in multiple states, as it mitigates risk and standardizes new hire procedures in alignment with local legal requirements.

Located under the “Resources” section in HR Hero, the New Hire Packets serve as a centralized toolkit for HR managers. This new feature simplifies the creation and distribution of onboarding materials, reducing the administrative burden and allowing HR professionals to focus more on engagement and relationship-building with new employees.

New Hire Packet benefits

The New Hire Packets focus on curating content that is both comprehensive and compliant with state-specific standards. Each packet will include essential documents that must be provided for new hires, covering both federal and state requirements and providing invaluable support to HR teams. This upgrade is significant for several reasons:

  • Compliance assurance—The New Hire Packets help ensure that companies remain compliant with diverse and ever-changing employment laws across different states.
  • Operational efficiency—By providing a standardized set of resources, the New Hire Packets reduce the time and effort required to onboard new employees.
  • Scalability—Companies looking to expand into new regions can do so more easily with ready-to-use resources that adhere to local regulations.

The introduction of the New Hire Packets into HR Hero marks a significant enhancement in how HR departments manage and execute the onboarding process.

Additional HR Hero enhancements and updates

Resource label changes

In our ongoing effort to enhance user experience on our platform, we have implemented updates to our resource menu labels based on feedback from numerous client discussions and internal assessments. These changes are designed to simplify navigation and better reflect the content provided.

  • “Federal & State Topic Analysis” has been streamlined to “Topic Analysis” to encompass a broader range of topics in a more direct manner.
  • “All Resources” has been updated to “Templates & Guidance” to more accurately describe the materials available under this tab, focusing on sample documents and expert guidance.
  • “Recent & Upcoming Compliance Dates” has been refined to “Compliance Dates,” making it easier for users to find critical compliance timelines and requirements.

Hide Covid widget

Due to decreased demand and usage, we removed the COVID widgets from default view for all users. However, those who still wish to access these resources can easily re-add the widget through their user preferences as desired.

Employee Handbook Builder

Clients have expressed the need to access their handbooks even while there are active action items pending in the questionnaire. Previously, users faced a restriction that prevented them from viewing a previously published handbook when action items were present. Recognizing the importance of flexibility and accessibility, we are updating our system to allow users to view their handbooks without interruption, regardless of the status of action items. We’ve also introduced a customizable variable for the terms “Handbook” and “Manual,” allowing users to personalize these labels according to their preferences.

Relaunch of HR Laws website

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the newly rebuilt HR Laws platform. HR Laws provides the timely news and in-depth analysis you need to update policies, resolve conflicts, defend tough decisions, and advise senior leadership. Our nationwide network of attorneys, practicing in each of the 50 United States, provides accurate guidance on meeting employer obligations under both state and federal law.

HR Laws in hr product update

Pick the HR Laws subscription that best fits your needs

  • HR Laws All-Access—As an HR Laws All-Access subscriber, you gain access to all region and state-specific Employment Law Letters, Employers State Law Alert, and Federal Employment Law Insider.
  • Employment Law Letter—Latest state employment law developments from across the nation, so you can adjust your policies and advise managers at multiple sites. You learn of legislative acts, court decisions, and new employer rights and obligations.
  • State Law Alert—Employers State Law Alert provides HR professionals with the guidance needed to ensure compliance with state employment laws and regulations across 50 states. Each month, get a summary of the latest state employment laws and regulations.
  • Federal Law Insider—The Federal Employment Law Insider is the go-to source for behind-the-scenes intelligence on new employment legislation, recent court decisions, and new rulings impacting how you operate your organization.