HR Hero wins 2024 HR Tech Award

HR Hero by BLR wins 2024 HR Tech Award

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Brentwood, TN [June 10, 2024]: BLR’s flagship HR solution, HR Hero®, is the proud recipient of HR Tech’s 2024 Core HR/Workforce award under the Best Innovation/Emerging Tech Solution category.

The HR Tech 2024 Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in HR technology, recognizing solutions that are transforming and revolutionizing the HR industry. Having competed against an impressive lineup of competitors, HR Hero emerged as the victorious choice in its respective categories.

“We are honored to receive the prestigious 2024 HR Tech Award for Core HR/Workforce Solutions. This recognition reaffirms BLR’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence in addressing longstanding HR challenges.”—Kim St Lawrence, senior VP of product

HR Hero’s award-winning differentiators

BLR® stands at the forefront of providing management software, compliance analysis and insights, and corporate training solutions. From navigating complex employment law requirements to refining compensation classifications and reinforcing safe and equitable workplaces through training, the HR Hero platform delivers the technology and information today’s employers need to achieve measurable results. True to its recognition as a Core HR/Workforce solution, HR Hero works as a critical extension of the HR team, streamlines daily administrative and research tasks to save valuable time and ensure compliance confidence.

The HR Hero platform is designed to simplify compliance with changing rules and standards for small HR departments. Offering easy-to-understand solutions and streamlined implementation, HR Hero equips companies with the tools they need to adapt to new regulations seamlessly. Additionally, HR Hero serves as a valuable reference tool for enterprise organizations seeking policy samples specific to their jurisdictions.

HR Hero excels in translating policy updates into practical tools, such as courses, articles, and interactive resources like the Job Classification and FLSA Audit Tool. These resources help assess and mitigate organizational risk, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. State Law Chart Builder allows for effortless comparison of laws across different jurisdictions, updated by a team with extensive employment law expertise, making HR Hero a standout solution in the market.

“Ask any HR leader, and they will tell you they didn’t get into HR for compliance. They got into HR to make an impact on the people. However, compliance is a critically important aspect of successful human resources operations. BLR is one of the industry’s leading, trusted partners for companies that want to ensure that decisions are compliant every day. Our judges also liked the HR Hero materials from BLR that help HR leaders to rapidly create training on critical topics like inclusion, safety, and more.”
—Ben Eubanks, chief research officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Judging criteria and evaluation

The HR Tech Awards, powered by the industry-leading firm Lighthouse Research & Advisory, provide peer-reviewed feedback on technologies that serve employers and the workforce. The program has a rigorous judging component, with a panel of independent practitioners, consultants, and educators. BLR’s commitment to solving age-old HR challenges in novel ways has earned it recognition as the Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution.

Entries were judged on five key areas:

  • Problem(s) the technology solves in the market
  • Case study
  • Differentiation analysis
  • Software evaluation
  • Company evaluation

BLR remains committed to remaining at the forefront of HR technology, offering innovative solutions that enable organizations to navigate the complexities of HR management with ease. Our dedication to continuous improvement aligns with its goal of providing customers with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing HR landscape.

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