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Enterprise Employee Handbook Builder: A resellers dream for client handbooks

The go-to handbook tool for HR professionals looking to save time and money.

Both you and your clients are required to have a compliant employee handbook but building a handbook from scratch can be overwhelming and costly. If constructed incorrectly both you and your clients could face unnecessary risk and legal repercussions. With BLR’s Enterprise Employee Handbook Builder, you can finally have peace of mind knowing that both you and your clients will have up-to-date, compliant employee handbooks with today’s ever-changing employment policies.

Reselling your way to new heights

The Enterprise version of the Employee Handbook Builder is a gold mine for reselling opportunities. In addition to exceeding your client’s expectations, you will be able to customize, oversee and control the things that matter most to your organization. Manage, build, and utilize master versions, bulk updates, specific filters and search abilities to stay light-years ahead of the competition and build client loyalty that is second to none. A partnership with BLR unlocks a whole new revenue stream that is tried and true to deliver worry-free compliance to your clients while positively contributing to your bottom line.

Benefits of our handbook builder

  • Our guided handbook builder helps you create your own customized handbook from start to finish.
  • All policies are written by the top employment attorneys at Jackson Lewis LLP ensuring you’re compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • If developments at the federal or state level suggest a change, we’ll alert you to the needed update.
  • We host your employee handbook for you. Just send a link, username, and password to your employees for access, or print for standard distribution.

Ready to learn more about Enterprise Employee Handbook Builder

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