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Enterprise Employee Handbook Builder: A resellers dream for client handbooks

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The Enterprise version of the Employee Handbook Builder is a gold mine for reselling opportunities. In addition to exceeding your client’s expectations, you will be able to customize, oversee and control the things that matter most to your organization. Manage, build, and utilize master versions, bulk updates, specific filters and search abilities to stay light-years ahead of the competition and build client loyalty that is second to none. A partnership with BLR unlocks a whole new revenue stream that is tried and true to deliver worry-free compliance to your clients while positively contributing to your bottom line.

The go-to handbook tool for HR professionals looking to save time and money.

Benefits of our handbook builder

  • Our guided handbook builder helps you create your own customized handbook from start to finish.
  • All policies are written by the top employment attorneys at Jackson Lewis LLP ensuring you’re compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • If developments at the federal or state level suggest a change, we’ll alert you to the needed update.
  • We host your employee handbook for you. Just send a link, username, and password to your employees for access, or print for standard distribution.

Additional benefits

  • Policy notifications – get notifications for which exact handbooks need the updates and review pushing through updates case by case.
  • Master handbook – database of every possible policy version and jurisdiction across the entire country.
  • Ability to clone a handbook – streamline the building process by cloning an already made handbook and then change only a couple of changes for the new handbook – saving countless hours.
  • Bulk publish – once policies are updated, you can go into bulk publish and automatically update all handbooks overnight – also with the ability to filter and select which exact handbooks will receive bulk update/publish
  • What makes the system unique – Our interview is much, much more extensive than other builders. No one else offer the customization we do, the ability to customize policies. Not just a template for standardized policies, but rather very specific and it brings in different versions of policies based on how you answer questions.
  • The ability to lock policies – gives YOU control. FMLA, sexual harassment, etc., anything that protects you as the service provider, you can lock policies that cannot be edited by even sub admins within your organization let alone your client’s users.
  • Number of employees – the system will choose the policies that are needed for companies of that size and in the areas of business and geographical location. 

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