Efficient training management by BLR

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Managing multiple training initiatives across teams can be difficult without the right support. BLR’s Training Management tool can help you easily manage your online and instructor-led training. Our training management software makes it easy for you to maintain digital records, track training progress, and foster a culture of continuous learning and compliance.

Our winning combination of easy document storage, configurable reporting, and safety management tool integrations makes this tool perfect for organizations looking to maximize the efficiency of their safety training program.

Key features

  • Upload and store any training documentation, including training materials and certifications
  • Schedule training and track due dates
  • Build knowledge checks to evaluate employee comprehension of training
  • Configure reporting to pull the data that matters most to you
  • Integrate with other management tools to pull documents like job hazard analyses (JHAs) and safety data sheets (SDSs) into your training

This training management software streamlines training processes, saves time, and enhances employee development. It centralizes training activities, simplifies administrative tasks, and provides customizable reporting for insights into training effectiveness. Automated reminders and notifications foster a culture of continuous learning and ensure compliance. It optimizes training programs, boosts employee engagement, and drives business success.

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