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Comprehensive audit and inspection management solution

Revolutionize your audit management

Keeping track of everything you need to manage auditing or inspecting can feel like a full-time job, but conducting regular, efficient audits is integral for identifying compliance issues, improving workplace safety, and reducing facility liability. EHS Hero’s Audits and Inspections tool can save you 82% of time spent on recordkeeping and 73% of time spent creating forms by simplifying the audit process and helping you stay on top of your obligations across all sites.

With EHS Hero’s Audits and Inspections tool, you can say goodbye to paper records and say hello to a configurable, streamlined, and intuitive audit management solution. You can tailor our software to fit your specific needs and use it to standardize processes across all sites. All audit and inspection results are centralized for easy review, approval, and reporting, and data collection can be customized to capture metrics that matter most to you. Seamless integration with our CAPA and Scheduler tools allows you to automate assigning of action items and scheduling of recurring audits, enhancing both productivity and compliance and creating a proactive culture of safety for your organization.

Configurable and automated audits and inspections

  • Customize audits, inspections, surveys, or checklists to fit your specific safety needs.
  • Trigger action items directly from audits to streamline processes and save time.
  • Assign audits to be completed immediately, in the future, or on a recurring basis.
  • Conduct audits, take and store pictures, and input notes even without an Internet connection using our stand-alone mobile app.
  • Track the review and approval process of each audit to ensure adherence with safety standards.

Streamline processes and ensure compliance

Simplify your auditing procedures, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and protect the health and safety of your employees with EHS Hero’s Audits and Inspections tool.
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