Compliance made easy: A partner case study

eEmployers Solutions, Inc. (eESI)


eEmployers Solutions Inc. (eESI) offers expertise in human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits, retirement packages, and payroll administration. eESI simplifies employment challenges for businesses by acting as both a professional employer organization (PEO) and an administrative service organization (ASO). As a PEO, eESI becomes a co-employer that shoulders most employment liabilities; takes on responsibility for compliance issues; and manages a full range of benefits, payroll, and tax management. Additionally, organizations can outsource HR administration, payroll support, regulatory compliance, and benefits administration to eESI. Under an ASO agreement, clients retain all liability and responsibility. Karla Saenz, PHR, SHRM-CP, VP of Client Services at eESI, was introduced to the world of PEOs by her sister in 1998. She got her start at Staff Leasing, which later changed its name to Gevity, and the company was acquired in 2009 by TriNet, where Saenz stayed for a year before moving to eESI. She now celebrates being with eESI since 2010. Being in the PEO industry for over two decades, Saenz understands the importance of reliable compliance and values ease-of-use platforms that give time back to those using them.

eESI needs

  • Improved training deliverables and efficiencies within the company to allow it to keep up with client demand
  • A solutions partner that would be an extension of its own brand and identity
  • New revenue streams to keep innovating solutions for clients
  • Reliable, up-to-date compliance information
  • Centralized services with one vendor


eESI began the vetting process to find a suitable vendor that would support all aspects of its organization. Vendors were ranked for mobility, accuracy, scalability, and their ability to provide additional revenue streams. Due to the multifaceted nature of eESI’s business model and the complexity of the ever-changing legal landscape, eESI partnered with BLR®.


  • HR Hero®
  • TrainingToday® course libraries and learning management system (LMS)
  • All-Access: Human Resources
  • Cybersecurity
  • Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors
  • EHS Hero®
  • Partner Solutions Center (PSC)

Since 2017, eESI has used BLR’s suite of products to meet its compliance and training needs. eESI’s need for reliable and up-to-date compliance products has led the company to stay with BLR. Both Saenz and eESI saw the value of having BLR on their side over the years and now use virtually all of BLR’s products to enhance their service offering and provide the greatest value to their clients. eESI provides clients with HR Hero and EHS Hero in order to maintain efficient workflows and compliance and safety standards. HR Hero is designed specifically for human resources professionals, with tools and content prepared by attorneys and leading industry experts. EHS Hero is the most comprehensive environment, health, and safety (EHS) management tool on the market and helps you conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and protect employees.

TrainingToday’s course content, administered through its built-in LMS, provides clients with need-to-know information that is kept up to date and addresses hot-topic concerns. Its content is action-oriented and designed for retention and use on the job. In order to keep all these tools and resources in one centralized location, Saenz has implemented BLR’s Partner Solutions Center (PSC), which allows the company to consolidate all its tools, even those from other third-party vendors, in one branded and customizable dashboard for its clients.

Value delivered

  • Utilizing BLR’s suite of compliance and safety tools, online learning and training, and PSC, eESI continues to:
  • Gain more compliance and safety confidence.
  • Save massive amounts of time that would otherwise be spent researching compliance, safety, new law and regulatory information, and the most current training courses and content.
  • Provide its clients with industry-leading products and compliance standards.
  • Consolidate its service offerings and products into one branded and easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Deliver top-quality training programs through an intuitive learning management system.

“What does it mean to us? It means we’re saving time. Time is money, right? So, for us, it just makes sense to keep the tool we have.”
– Karla Saenz, PHR, SHRM-CP VP of Client Services, eEmployers Solutions, Inc.

The integration and implementation of BLR’s comprehensive suite of compliance and training solutions have led Saenz and eESI to reach new heights as a business. It has given them more time back in their day, cost savings, additional revenue, and an elevated service offering for their entire client base. The ability to customize products to its brand and rely on the expertise of an industry titan like BLR has set eESI up for success now and for years to come.


Download a copy of the case study here.