10 effective strategies to drive employee retention


Though much has changed in the HR space in previous years, one challenge that company leaders continue to face is retaining top talent. Employee attrition and turnover rates remain a top concern. According to a Paycor survey of nearly 6,000 HR professionals, employee retention will be the #1 priority of 2023. 

Why it matters

Employee retention is critical to an organization’s success. When top talent departs, their valuable company knowledge is often lost along with them. Your remaining workforce may feel disoriented and unproductive without the previous employee’s expertise. Productivity could decline further if employees are required to fill in and perform that person’s duties as the position remains vacant. This can lead to more turnover and even burnout.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a roundup of our top ten most effective tips and ideas you can use to level up your organization’s retention strategy and assist in aligning your HR strategies with shifting employee expectations.


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