construction worker experiencing heat stress

Heat stress prevention best practices


According to OSHA, millions of U.S. workers are exposed to heat in their workplaces and 50 – 70% of outdoor fatalities occur in the first few days of working in warm or hot environments because workers need to acclimatize to warm conditions over time.

In this free on-demand webinar, EHS Senior Content Specialist Laura Brody will will discuss occupational heat stress, best practices for heat stress prevention, regulatory requirements, and more.

Here’s what’s covered in this webinar:

  • Types of heat-related illness
  • Signs and symptoms of heat-related illness
  • Factors that contribute to occupational heat stress
  • Best practices for heat stress prevention
  • How to respond to heat stress in employees
  • How heat stress is being regulated
  • OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) for heat stress prevention

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