Instructor-led workshops

Bluepoint's instructor-led onsite and virtual workshops will help produce well-rounded leaders for your organization.

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Immersion in key leadership concepts

Bluepoint's experiential workshops equips your leaders with the leadership practices and approaches necessary to create extraordinary engagement, alignment, and commitment.

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Guidance by experts

Leadership development is a career-long journey. Bluepoint's range of workshops provides development opportunities for leaders at all level.

  • Leader as Coach

    This highly-regarded coaching workshop is designed to help managers and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance.

  • The Leadership Essentials

    This workshop equips leaders with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational levels.

  • Executive Leader as Coach

    This workshop incorporates the very best practices of executive leadership development with Bluepoint’s award-winning expertise in coach training.

  • Executive Leadership Essentials

    Designed with the challenges faced by executives in mind, this workshop equips senior leaders with the skills needed to lead at the personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels.

  • The Leader Within

    This workshop takes participants on a profound journey where they will learn to tap into the enormous power of emotions and moods. As a result, they will create better leadership connections and exert more positive influence.

  • The Leader Speaks

    Great leaders make their voices heard. The Leader Speaks is a comprehensive exploration of the core tenets of great leadership communication studied through video case studies of business, social, and political leaders.

  • Leading Change

    In this fast-paced workshop, leaders will immediately gain usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills they can employ to help their team members thrive in periods of substantial change.

  • Leading Innovation

    The critical competency required for innovation is not individual creativity alone but the ability to create a culture with sustainable innovation. This workshop explores a model on which leaders need to focus on developing a culture of innovation.

Ignite long-lasting development far beyond the classroom