BLR’s EHS Hero expands its fleet of digital workplace safety modules with new Industrial Hygiene Tool

Author: Business and Learning Resources

EHS Hero, BLR’s leading safety management & compliance platform, continues to grow its best-in-class fleet of built-for-action tools with the addition of an Industrial Hygiene Module. This tool supports a company’s EHS team with lab analysis and sampling, chain-of-custody documentation, equipment management, and action management all in one unified, integrated solution. This tool is available within what is already the most advanced and comprehensive EHS management solution currently available.

This latest addition combines intuitive sampling data storage and instrument tracking with automatic creation of action plans, allowing users to spend less time on data entry and reporting while reducing risk and avoiding OSHA penalties regarding total maximum daily load (TMDL) or permissible exposure limit (PEL) violations.

The EHS Hero team recognized that EHS professionals spend a significant amount of time managing industrial hygiene documents, which can make creating actionable plans based on sampling results more difficult. This new EHS Hero solution will allow those professionals to search and find sampling results within seconds so they can perform rapid analysis and make informed decisions.

“The Industrial Hygiene solution is a much-needed addition to our core tools. It follows our simple-to-use and useful values,” says Solutions Engineer Kevin Shoemaker. “Adding this workflow solution to guide you through your sampling program and allowing common documentation and automated follow-up on findings provides another tool to further simplify EHS leaders’ tasks and reporting.”

For more information on the new EHS Hero solution, click here.